Steam Coffee ~ Tea

coffee-751619__180FEATURED NEWS!
We are ready to begin tastings for the menu for Cafe Steam! You can be invited to a menu preview evening in one of three ways;

1) Support Cafe Steam by purchasing one or more coffee mugs! HERE

2) Be part of the Ingress community in San Diego!

3) Ask for an invitation by filling out the form below!

Whether or not you would like to be invited to the menu preview nights, please help us build up Steam by visiting the first of our funding ventures and buying a mug HERE.

About Cafe Steam

Coffee is more than a beverage, it’s a culture, a community. The coffee house, as an establishment, is a meeting place, study hall, board room, game parlor, and foundation of creativity and society. Building a coffee house around quality coffee and unique family-style foods is a good start, and has been proven as a successful model by many proprietors. As an extension to quality products, you can help build up Steam as an environment of community and creativity in a Steampunk Themed cafe.

The Steampunk community is open, inviting, creative, and growing! Now is an opportune time to capitalize on the growth of this community, and to encourage continued creativity.

We have begun to reveal many details about Steam in our blog posts (see the menu to the left). Now we need your help! Please support Steam by purchasing a mug, or contributing to our early crowd funding campaign today! Also, tell everyone you know about Steam and why you’re excited to see us open as soon as possible!

Want to know more about Cafe Steam? Contact Us using the Form Below!